Ivor and Helena Griffiths nee Evans

Pictured here on their wedding day on 11th June 1921 at All Saints Church, Betws.

Ivor 1902-1962

Ivor was born on 4th May 1902 at Tynycoed Cottage, Pontamman, Betws. Son of John Henry and Hannah Griffiths.

In 1921 when he married Helena he was a miner, aged 19, living at 8 Pontaman Road, Ammanford. (Tynycoed was 8 Pontamman Road). Ivor and Helena lived at Wernddu, Ammanford from about 1928.


Helena Maria nee Evans called Lena 1899-1977

Born 7th Aug 1899 at Glen View, Brechfa. 

Father:- Charles Lewis Evans a General Shopkeeper

Mother:- Lizzie Maria Evans nee Arthur.

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Ivor escorts his daughter Avril on her wedding to George Rhys Elias in 1952.


Harold Gerald Baden (Gerald) 1921 -

John Charles Brian (Brian) 1924 -

Avril Lizzie Hannah 1929 - 2009

Peggi Griffiths 1932 - 1993

Peter 1932 - 1999

Gwyn Elved 1939 -










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Ivor Siblings:-

David John 1887 - 1936

Catherine (Kate) 1890-1959

Margaret Ann 1892 - 1905

Rees William (Rees) 1894 - 1957

Blodwen (Blod) 1896 - 1974

Susannah (Sue) 1897 - 1943

Olwen 1900 - 1985

Margaret (Maggie)1906 - ??

Violet May (Vi) 1908 - 1972

Laura 1911 - 1982

Helena Siblings:-

Clementina Marjory 1895 -

Sybil Maud 1897 -

Gwladys Evewlyn 1898 -

Arthur Hector Charles 1901 - 1902

Harold Baden Lewis 1901 - 1902


Helena at Avril's wedding in 1952 and on a day out in Porthcawl in1972.
Ivor and Helena and grand-daughter Wendy in 1954  

Helena found work in service at Wernoleu Pontamman the home of the Chivers family who owned Brechfa Oil and Chemical Works in Betws; they were share holders in the Ammanford Collierys' where the Griffiths' worked and provided work for many Brechfa people at the oil and chemical works from the mid nineteenth century up to the end of the First World War. She would know the Chivers family because of the friendship of her grandfather Daniel with Caleb Chivers, brother of Samuel.

The Chemical works in Betws were called Pontamman Chemical works or, originally, Amman Bridge Chemical works. The old Griffiths home of Tynycoed was about 100yds from the bridge.