David John Griffiths was born in late autumn of 1887 at Tynycoed. He was the eldest child of John and Hannah; at 12 years old he followed his father and went to work in the colliery. At the beginning of World War One he was a coal hewer and still living at home. He enlisted on the 2nd January 1915 and due to his mechanical knowledge was sent to train at Porthcawl on the 3rd January in the Army Service Corps (ASC) as a mechanic and logistics transporter. He quickly made Lance/Corporal but was a bit of a lad and was regularly late back from leave which got him demoted. Due to his great leadership he was soon prompted once again. (Ref Army Records).

He saw service in France. At the end of the War he was not demobbed and was part of the force left behind in France. He got influenza (Black Flu) and spent time in a hospital at 90A Rue La Gare, Nord, France where he met a pretty French nurse who he later married. After recovering from the influenza he was sent back to barracks at Woolwich but with no sight of being demobbed and his sweet-heart left in France he walked out and returned to France. The family remember him having one son. Some time in the late twenty's or early thirty's he returned to Tynycoed with his French wife and son to visit his family. His wife was described as a beautiful woman who had a lovely nature. I have been told that he died in a car crash in France in the summer of 1936. Ironically only six months after his father was killed in a hit and run in Pontamman on Boxing day 1935.

Family stories are, that with onset of World War Two, Ivor and Rees tried finding his widow and son. The family had been in contact by telegram and the post. They intended travelling to France to bring them back to Ammanford but War broke out before they could set off. Nothing was heard of them during the war and our cousin Jeremiah (Jim) Griffiths MP used his political influence to try and find them after the war but the family heard nothing of them again.

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The stamp at the top of the letter is - “R.A.S.C Record Office – Woolwich Dockyard - 22DEC 1919”.



Ammanford Station December 19 1919


FROM : Inspector C Davies
TO : Officer in Charge
R.A.S.C. Records
Woolwich Dockyard SE18

            I respectfully beg to reply to yours of the 17th inst. In reference to L/C D.J. Griffiths T4/037099.
            I am well aquainted with him since chidhood & the police pass his home daily. He has not been seen here for about two years when he was here on furlough. His parents are very anxious as to his whereabouts. They have not received a letter from him for about four months. He was then in Hospital :- 90A Rue-La-Gare, Nord, France & he stated in the letter that he was suffering from an attack of Influenza & that he expected to be removed
Shortly to another hospital & his parents have not been able to trace him since. They would be very thankful for any information regarding him.

I am Sir
Your Obedient Servant

C.Davies Inspector

David Siblings:-

Catherine Griffiths (Kate) 1890-1959

Margaret Ann Griffiths 1892 - 1905

Rees William Griffiths (Rees) 1894 - 1957

Blodwen Griffiths (Blod) 1896 - 1974

Susannah Griffiths (Sue) 1897 - 1943

Olwen Griffiths 1900 - 1985

Ivor Griffiths 1902 - 1962

Margaret Griffiths (Maggie)1906 - ??

Violet May Griffiths (Vi) 1908 - 1972

Laura Griffiths 1911 - 1982

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