Charles and Lizzie Evans nee Arthur

Pictured here on their wedding day on 8th March 1894

Charles Lewis 1864 -1902

Born 16th Mar 1864 at home in Union Hall, Brechfa, the son of Daniel Evans a tailor and Elizabeth Evans nee Thomas born Forest Farm, Llanfiangel Rhosyrcorn. He was the youngest of nine children, four boys and five girls.

He took an interest in his village of Brechfa and in church affairs. He helped with re-building the dilapidated Church of St Teilo, where he became the churchwarden.


Lizzie Maria nee Arthur of Myrtle Cottage, Abergwili 1864 - 1948

She was the third child of nine born to Henry and Maria Arthur.

Lizzie Maria gave birth to a illegetimate son on 20th June 1906 at 1 West Llanior, Pembroke Dock, her sister Margretta's home. He was called Arthur Clement Serafine Alexander Evans 1906-1987. The father was never known and Arthur never found out about it until his mother died. Looking at the name it may have been a toff as she did have gentlemen come shooting and fishing. It would seem to be a one off as she pined her life away after Charles Lewis died. 

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Clementina Marjory 1895 -

Sybil Maud 1897 -

Gwladys Evewlyn 1898 -

Helena Maria (Lena) 1899 -

Arthur Hector Charles 1901 - 1902

Harold Baden Lewis 1901 - 1902

At 7 months old the twins died within half an hour of each other on the morning of 26th February 1902.

Lizzie outside the shop in Glen View with her grandson Meirion and Glynn Roberts. Lizzie Maria with son Arthur (aged 13) and grandson Basil (Gwladys son).Picture 1919.
Sybil Maud


Charles Lewis Siblings:-

David 1848 - 95

John 1850 - 85

Anne 1852

Mary 1854

Jane 1855

Phoebe 1857

Harriet 1859

Thomas 1862

Lizzie Maria Siblings:-

David 1851-51

Mary 1853-1911

Ann 1854-1901

William 1857-94

Jane 1860-1950

Lizzie Maria 1863-1948

David 1867-1940

Margretta 1871-1956






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Two similar views of Brechfa

The picture on the left shows the Brechfa Fair around 1905.

On the left of the picture is the Forest Arms, the white house in the back is Glen View and on the right hands side is Church of St. Teilo.


Charles Lewis Evans was known to all as Charles Lewis. He was born 16th Mar 1864 at home in Union Hall Brechfa, the son of Daniel Evans a tailor who was born at White Hall Llanfiangel Rhosyrcorn and Elizabeth Evans formerly Thomas born Forest Farm Llanfiangel Rhosyrcorn . He was the youngest of nine children, four boys and five girls.

He spent his early life in Brechfa and Llanfiangel Rhosycorn (1) playing in the vast Brechfa Forest and many fishing streams and rivers that surround the village. He and his friend also loved to sit in the grassy banks and watch the men working at his father’s friend Caleb Chivers Brechfa Oil works. He attended the Brechfa village school and on Sundays he attended the local Church of Saint Teilo and even at a young age took an interest in the village and in church affairs. He eventually became churchwarden.

In 1878 age 14 he left Wales to learn the draper trade in London at 90-94 High Street, Kingsland, London, Middlesex. He was apprentice to the store's owner, William Alban who was a farmer’s son from Llanfiangel Rhosycorn.

In 1884 on the death of his father at Union Hall Charles Lewis returned to the family home to look after his mother with his sister Mary. They were now also running a grocer shop and the first Brechfa Post office from White Hall that their father had inherited on the death of his father David Evans in 1872.

In 1891 Charles Lewis, as well as his duties working at the grocer shop and a Post Master, had expanded to sell more general goods and was also selling manure, from which he was making a good living. His involvement as a church warden and his good organising and money raising skills came to fruition as he helped with re-building of the dilapidated Church of St Teilo. In November 1893 he signed a letter requesting the Bishop of St. David’s to consecrate the new church and the addition to the churchyard. Being a shrewd businessman he acquired, at the same time, land adjoining the Church to build a bridal home that he called Glen View for his sweet heart Lizzie Maria Arthur of Myrtle Cottage Abergwili. They married at St David’s Church Abergwili on 8th March 1894.

Glen View not only was the family home but also was a grocer shop and the new Post Office for Brechfa. Charles Lewis had squeezed his house between St Teilo Church and the little river that was the village boundary with Llanfiangel Rhosyrcorn . This allowed him to have all the village business and church duties for Brechfa. Glen View was also to be used for his hunting and fishing business that was centred on the River Coffi and Brechfa Forest. It was through his wife Lizzie Maria’s connections they were able to source good clientele from England who were accommodated at both Glen View and across the road at her Aunt Elizabeth’s inn “The Forest Arms”.

Life was good and the first of six children was born on 10 September 1895 a daughter Clementina Marjory Evans (Tina Tanygraig). Three more daughters soon followed Sybil Maud Evans(Sybil) born 20th February 1897, Gwladys Evewlyn Evans (Glad) 20th March 1898 and my grandmother Helena Maria (Lena) Evans on 7th August 1899.

In the summer of 1901 followed two twin sons Arthur Hector Charles Evans (Hector) and Harold Baden Lewis Evans (Harold).

But as with all good things life turned tragically as at seven months old the twins died within half an hour of each other on the morning of 26th February. Harold had been ill and was suffering from bronchitis and a fever. The doctor had been there the evening before and was due back later that morning with a new medicine that lowered temperatures. It was at a pharmacy in Swansea and family friend was sent by the first train to collect it.

Hector, the stronger of the two children, had been well but started to teethe the same morning.  Harold fever got the better of him and he died from convulsions caused by high temperature brought on by the bronchitis. Within minutes Hector, who was in another room, also started to have convulsions brought on the teething and died within half hour of Harold. A few hours later the medicine arrived but all too late.

Six months later Charles Lewis was dead! He had caught a chill while taking clients fishing in the River Coffi no more that half a mile from home at Glen View. His widow, Lizzie Maria, recalled later in life that the day that Charles Lewis caught the chill was a terrible cold November day with high winds and heavy rain. But the gentlemen who were staying insisted on going to catch the Sewin (Sea Trout). It was too cold to catch the fish but they said that they were paying and not getting a service and they would not come back again. She said that Charles Lewis had already got a soaking early that morning as he had been delivering important mail up to one of the farms at Llan Corn. He returned and on hearing the gentlemen's complaints and, thinking of the business, agreed to take them out fishing. They all got a soaking but had also stayed out far too long. When they came back the gentlemen had to be seen to first and had to have a hot bath and the first use of the boiled water and fires. She said it was too much for poor Charles Lewis. "His face was blue and grey and we couldn’t get him warm. His sister Mary came and we got fires going in all the rooms of the house but he was already ill. He shivered for days and could hardly drink water. While his sister Mary read him a book and I held him in my arms he died".

Charles Lewis Evans died in the evening of 8th November aged 38 at Glen View. His death certificate said he died from Chronic Rylitis acute Pharyngitis for five days causing cardiac failure.

He was buried, with Harold and Hector, next door at St Teilos Church.    

(1) Brechfa village is split in two by a little river. One side of the river is Brechfa and the other is actually in the very large rural parish of LLanfiangel Rhosyrcorn that was mainly made up of farms and smallholdings. It is very easy to confuse Brechfa as one large village whereas officially it is very small joined to the village part of the Parish of LLanfiangel Rhosyrcorn by a small bridge.  


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