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This picture was in pride of place next to the fire-place in the home of my grandfather William T Ambrose at East Cottage, Golden Grove.

In the picture are his father John Ambrose and Grandfather William Ambrose. It is taken, possibly around Gorslas. The date would be 1902-1908. At the time of the picture William Ambrose was living at Samaria, Golden Grove with his son John, his wife Margaretta and their sons William T and Isaac.

My Ambrose family lived on the district borders of Llandilofawr, LLandybie and Llanelli. Gorslas, where I think the picture may have been taken, is about was about five miles away in Llanelli District. In 1902 William was working for the council and in 1911 so was John. I knew from census that the picture was taken after 1891 when William Ambrose was working as a gardener and before 1910 as he died that year. I later learnt that John Ambrose was living in Bridgend up to 1902 so the picture itself was between 1902 -10.

The engine in the picture is an Aveling and Porter Steam Roller.

Here are a couple of e-mails from steam enthusiasts:

"I can tell from the picture that it is was built pre 1900 as it has Aveling's older style makers plate on it. From some of the other details I would say it was probably built around 1890. Not many early Aveling's such as this still exist, however one example would be this engine:"

"I have found out 1 more piece of information about the photograph you sent me - Llanelli Council had an Aveling and Porter Steam Roller, Number 2321 of 1887, not sure if this tally's up with your information but it certainly looks like this engine in the pictures."