In 1934 there were far fewer cars on the road and a hit and run collision with a pedestrian would have been an event especially since it was the cause of John Henry's death. On this page is the death certificate and newspaper clippings from the South Wales Guardian.  











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John Henry's Death Certificate [move mouse over image to enlarge]


Victim of Pontamman Road Accident

An open verdict was returned at an inquest conducted by the Swansea Borough Coroner on Thursday last on Mr. John Griffiths, aged 66, of 8, Portamman Road, Ammanford, who died at the Swansea Hospital from injuries he recieved when a car crashed into him on Boxing night. The car has not been traced since. Deceased sustained injuries to the head and fractures of both legs.

The jury added a rider that having regard to the heavy volume of traffic, the authorities should see that a path-way should be provided for pedestrians. The Coroner said he quite agreed with the rider, and added: "This kind of accident might happen there any night."


The coroner in his summing-up said he thought they could fairly make the inference that the injuries were caused by a motor car, If the driver of the car knew that he had struck a man, he did a most despicable thing in driving on the way he did. It seemed to him that the driver could hardly miss knowing he had struck the man.

Inspector Daniel Davis, Ammanford, represented the police.

Dr. Walter Knee House, house surgeon at Swansea Hospital, said "Mr. Griffiths died a few hours after admission to the hospital, without regaining consciouseness". Death was due to shock and haemorrhage following multiple injuries.


Colin George Mitchell, Hopkinson, Ammanford, a young tinplate worker, said he was waiting for an omnibus in Pontamman Road. A motor car passed him, going in the direction of Mr. Griffiths' house.

He heard a "bang." and on proceeding to investigate, could see the rear light of the car vanishing in the distance without it having stopped.

Mr. Griffiths was found lying on the left-hand side of the road.

Witness maintained that the car - a small brown saloon - was travelling at 50 miles an hour. He did not notice it's number.


John Haydn Jenkins, of Villiers Road, Ammanford, an omnibus driver,employed by Messrs. J. James and sons, Ammanford, said he was travelling along Pontamman Road towards Brynamman at about 20 miles per hour. He noticed a man walking towards him on the opposite side of the road, and shortly afterwards a motor-car passed him, also going in the opposite direction.


The next minute he heard a crash and pulled up and investigated, he and the conductor being the first to find the man lying in the roadway.

There were no pavements on either side of the road.

Idris Rees, Bettws, Ammanford, the conductor of the bus, said he heard the crash almost immediately after the car had passed the 'bus.

Jonah Davis, of 2, Pontamman Cottages, Ammanford, said he had shortly before left Mr. Griffiths' house, the latter having come out to see him "as far as the road."

Witness later met a friend, Thomas Evans, and while they were chatting they heard a crash and then a saloon motor-car came past them.

Witness could not say that the car was going fast.

Inspector Daniel Davis deposed to having examined the spot where Mr. Griffiths was found, and noticed that the hedgebank had been grazed for a distance of 57 feet. A portion of the bank had been freshly dislodged.

Mr. Griffiths' pipe was found with the stem embedded in the earth.

The road at that spot was 22 feet wide.

The police had made exhaustive inquiries, said the Inspector, but had failed to ascertain what car had passed at the time. From his own observation, he thought Mr. Griffiths had been pulled along between the hedge-bank and the car.

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John Griffiths, a 68-year-old master haulier employed at the Ammanford Colliery, living in Portamman Road, Ammanford, died at the Swansea Hospital on Wednesday night from injuries recieved as a result of being knocked down earlier in the evening by an un-known motorist.

Mr. Griffiths was rendered unconscious, and he was unable to give an account of what had taken place.

However it has been ascertained that the car which struck him was a light brown saloon. It had just passed a 'bus travelling in the opposite direction - that is, towards Glanamman - and overtook Griffiths between Wern Path and his home. The sound of the impact was heard by a pedestrian, who alleges that the car travelled at a very high rate and careered away without slackening speed after the collision.

The person who heard the collision walked down the road and found Griffiths unconscious. He was taken to his home, and after being attended to by Drs. J. P. Dunne, Glanamman, and R. D'Alton, Ammanford, he was taken to Swansea Hospital, suffering from fractures of both legs, facial and serious head injuries.

The victim was a native of Ammanford, and leavesa family of grown-up children, including Mr. Rhys W Griffiths, Rice Road, Bettws, secretary of the Ammanford Silver Band. Mr. Jim Griffiths, J.P., president of the South Wales Miners Federation; Dr. Tom Hughes Griffiths, M.A.; and Mr. D. R. Griffiths (Amanwy) are nephews.


Pontamman Road


Ammanford Council, on Wednesday evening, directed the Clerk to write a strong letter to the County Council - calling attention to the need for the construction of a footway in Pontamman Road, where recently a fatal accident occured.

The road was reported to be very narrow at the spot, and it had been metalled up to the hedge.

Mr. Haydn Lewis described the spot as one of the most dangerous in South Wales, and added that the state of the road was undoubtedly one of the contributory factors to the accident.

Mr. Lewis further gave a recent experience which came his way. Rather than wait a long time for a 'bus, he proceeded to walk along the road. He was never more glad to reach Pontamman Bridge than that night. He hoped the County Council would take the matter up immediately.

Mr. John Bevan said that the Pantyffynnon Road was equally as dangerous, and Mr. Harries mentioned the danger on the road leading from Villiers Road to the Park Sidings.

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Funeral of the late Mr. John H Griffiths.

The burial of Mr. John H Griffiths, 8 Portamman Road, Ammanford, who was fatally injured by a motor-car on Boxing Night, took place at the Ebeneezer Chapel burialground on Sunday.

The cortage was one of the largest seen in the neighbourhood for some time, a fact testifying to the esteem and popularity in which the deceased and his family were held by all.

The deceased was a native of Ammanford, and a master haulier at the Ammanford Colliery, he was very well-known. He was a widower and was 66 years of age.

The officiating ministers were the Rev. R.T. Evans, B.A, former pastor of the Ebeneezer Baptist Chapel, now of Swansea, and the Rev. D. Tegfan Davies, D.D.

The chief mourners were: Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Griffiths (son and daughter-in-law): Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. D. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. E. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. T. Llewellyn, Mr. and Mrs. W. Roberts, (sons-in-law and daughters): Mr. and Mrs. Ivor Griffiths (son and daughter-in-law): Mr. and Mrs. D.P. Davies, Eunice, Nancy, David, Willie, Vivian, Raymond, Margaret, Gerald, Bryan, Averil, Iona, Eira, Betty (grandchildren): Mr. D.R. Griffiths,


Mr. and Mrs. T. Evans, Mrs. S Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins, Glenamman., Mr. and Mrs. John H. Griffiths, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Griffiths, J.P., Ystradgynlais, Miss. L Griffiths, Mr. John Griffiths, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rees, Tycroes, Mr. and Mrs. John Williams, Cross Hands. Mr. and Mrs. S. Roberts, Mr. W.J. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. David Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lewis, Mrs. R. James, Mr. Rees Lewis, Mr. and Mrs.T. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. A. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. J. Williams, Mr. W. Williams, Mr. William Stuart Griffiths. Mr. Bertie Griffiths, Mr. D.J. Griffiths, Mr. D.J. Thomas, Mr. Willie Richards, Mr. Jacob Richards, Mr. D.J. Richards, Mr. W. Thomas, Mr. Ivor Thomas, Mr. R. Richards, Mr. and Mrs. w Betton, Miss Morgans, Mr. D.J. Morgans (nephews and nieces).

Wreaths were sent from Kate and Will: Rhys, Blodwen, Margaret and Beryl: Edgar, Blodwen a'r Plant: Olwen a Jack: Sue and David: Ivor and Helena: Tom and Vi: Laura a Will: Maggie a Evan: Evelyn a David: John a Gerald: Iona, Fira a Glenys: Averil: Betty a Nancy: Beth a Nan (great grandchildren): His Co-Officials at Ammanford Colliery: Neighbours and Friends: Vivien and Raymond: Hauliers at Ammanford Colliery: Friends at Bridgend Inn: A Few Friends (Mount): Mr. and Mrs. Willie Rees, Pantyffynnon.

Among those present were Mr. D. Jeffreys, M.E., Ammanford Group, Mr. D.R. Davies, M.E., agent, Ystradgynlais Group, Mr. I. Powell, M.E., and Mr. W. James, M.E., Ammanford Colliery, representing the Amalgamated Anthracite Collieries, Ltd.: and Mr. Abel Morgan, J.P. (Chairman of Ammanford Urban Council).


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