Children of John Henry Griffiths and Hannah

David, Cathrine (Kate), Margaret, Rees, Blodwen, Susannah (Sue), Olwen, Margaret (Maggie), Violet (Vi) and Laura Griffiths.

Catherine Griffiths

Margaret Ann Griffiths was born in the summer of 1892 at Tynycoed. She was John and Hannah's 3rd child. Tragically she succumbed to Tubercular Meningitis when aged 13 and went into a coma before dying on 22nd February 1905. She died in her father arms at Tynycoed. John, his son David and brothers Isaac and Jeremiah carried the coffin from Tynycoed to Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, Ammanford where she was buried. Her parents John and Hannah were laid to rest with her in the same grave when they died.

Rees William Griffiths

Blodwen Griffiths was the fifth child of John Henry and Hannah and was born on 7th July 1896 at Tynycoed. 

In 1917 She married Edgar Rees Williams who was born Ammanford on 27th Aug 1893. He was a coal miner. Blod and Edgar lived at Glanynant, Llandebie. Glanynant is situated at the bottom end of Glynhir Road and Glynhir Mansion is about a mile up the road.

They had ten children: David 1918, Oswald 1919, William 1921, Vivian 1924-96, Denzil 1926-28, Raymond 1928-90, Donald 1929-30, Phillis,1934, Meriel,1936 and Neville 1939.

Edgar died in 1973 and Blodwen a year later in 1974.


Susannah Griffiths called Sue was born in Tynycoed in the summer of 1897. She was third girl and sixth child of John Henry and Hannah.

In 1918 she married David Jones who was born in Ammanford in 1897.They lived in Betws next to the Chapel.

They had seven children: David 1920, Eunice 1921, Iona 1924, Eira,1926, Eifion,1928, Glenys,1931 and Enid 1932.

Susannah died aged 46 in 1943 and is buried in Betws.


Olwen Griffiths was born in Tynycoed on 18th April 1900. She was fourth girl and seventh child of John Henry and Hannah.

She married in the spring of 1919 to John A. Marshall known as Jack who was born in Ammanford in 1897.

Olwen died in 1885 and her daughter Nancy 1996. Betty still lives in Saron with her husband Cyril Potter.


Margaret Anne Griffiths (Maggie) was born in the summer 1906 in Tynycoed. The second daughter to be called Margaret She was named after her sister who had died aged thirteen the previous year.

Maggie married Robert Evan Jones (Evan) in 1927 and lived in Llandebie. They had one son who died in infancy. 


Violet May Griffiths (Vi) was born 5th July 1908 at Tynycoed. The seventh daughter born to John and Hannah.

She married Thomas Llewelyn (Tom) a Coal Miner born Betws in 1904. They lived a few doors down from Tynycoed near the Pontamman Bridge. They had one daughter Wena who married Rufus Cater in 1964 and still live in the Llewylyn family house at Pontamman.

Vi died in 1972.


Laura Griffiths was born on 14th January 1911 at Tynycoed, Pontamman. John Henry and Hannah’s youngest child. She was the eighth daughter of eleven children although in the 1911 census John says that he and Hannah had thirteen children of which ten were alive.

Laura married William Roberts in 1932 and had two sons John and Gerald. The family lived in Margaret Street Ammanford.

Laura died in 1982

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